CableCreation-Cable USB type C a DisplayPort, bidirectional/non-bidirectional, 8K@60Hz, DP 1.4, for MacBook Pro Air


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Bidirectional specifications such as non-bidirectional are included in product options, drawing attention to the specifications that will earn you an order.

USB C to DP bidirectional cable

Admite modo Espejo, modo de extension, encadenamiento de margaritas MST


Panda: 32.4 Gbps, HBR3

Resolution: max. 8K@60Hz

Color depth: 48 bits

Soporte HDR 3D viewing experience

Compatible with DP 1,4/1,3/1,2/1,1

Wide compatibility

Compatible with MacBook Pro/Air M1 2020/ 2019/ 2018, iMac 2017/ iMac Pro, Mac Mini M1/ 2018, iPad Pro M1 2021/ 2020/ 2018, XPS 12/ 13/ 15, EliteBook Folio G1/ Specter 13, Thinkpad E580 / T470/ DEX Mode Compatible Galaxy Devices (S22/ S22 Ultra/ S20/ S20+/ S20 Ultra/ S10/ S9/ S8/ Note10/ Note9/ Note8)

Bi-directional USBC and DP cable

This 6pcs USB C to DP cable allows USB C port to DisplayPort display and also allows DisplayPort port to USB C display. TENGA EN CUENTA: One of the terminals must be a display. No more audio problems or audio clipping for a truly comfortable experience for sports events, movies and photo/album viewing. No converter or control software required

Unparalleled performance from 8K to 60Hz

USB C monitor cable allows 8K Ultra HD video, compatible with 5K@60Hz, 4K@144Hz, 2K@240Hz, 2K@165Hz, and more. When used with Mac devices, the cable allows for redundant or extended mode and when used with Windows devices it allows for redundant or extended mode. This DisplayPort and DisplayPort cable is also compatible with the MST Margarita Series

Frequently asked questions:

P1: The DP to USB C cable is not bi-directional.

R: New USB-c cable and two-way DisplayPort. Compatible to cast from a USB C phone/laptop/tablet and monitor with DisplayPort or stream from a USB C desk/laptop and monitor with USB C port.

But ten en cuenta que:

1. When you connect a DP-equipped laptop/mobile phone/tablet, make sure the USB-C host is compatible with DP Alt or Thunderbolt 3 mode,¡o it doesn’t work!

2. When connecting your computer DisplayPort to a USB C display, make sure that your USB-C display is compatible with DisplayPort output.

3. There must be one display on the far end, ¡No compatibility with PC to PC connection!

P2: My display continues to display.

R: Make sure the USB to DP cable is connected stably and not affected by the mobile phone/laptop and the cable during use, then reboot the mobile phone/laptop to power it again.

P3: Connect my laptop to DP monitor with USB C DP cable, but it doesn’t work.

R: If your laptop accepts DP Alt mode, but the cable doesn’t work, we suggest:

1). Go to your laptop’s official website, update the BIOS and graphics controller, and reboot your laptop to start over.

2). Configure your laptop’s resolution equal to or lower than 1080P.

P4: No 60Hz or HDR.

R: The new DisplayPort to USBC cable allows up to 8K at 60Hz and HDR. But make sure the monitor’s performance is intended for the host or external monitor. For an 8K and HDR experience, your USB-C devices allow the DP to recognize 8K and HDR.


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CableCreation-Cable USB type C a DisplayPort, bidirectional/non-bidirectional, 8K@60Hz, DP 1.4, for MacBook Pro Air