KUMI GW5 Smart Watch 1.39 Inch, NFC, Bluetooth 5.2, 100+, Sports Heart Frequency, Arterial Pressure, Oxygen Monitor, IP68 Waterproof


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commi GW5,
More powerful and lively, more modern and more durable—The popular #KUMI GW5 has a 20-day battery life, has extensive power monitoring functions and is more convenient


1.39 inch TFT screen, compatible with live object monitoring function, dual-core mode, quick installation.
360*360 pixels, battery capacity 300mAh.
Sports and health sensors
Heart rate monitor, blood oxygen saturation monitor, high frequency heart rate recording, arterial pressure detection, voltage detection
Water resistance
BLE 5,2
Battery duration
Energy saving method: up to 20 days
Typical usage scenario: Up to 15 days
Heavy usage scenario: up to 10 days
Charging time: about 1.5 hours
* Battery operating time may vary depending on usage function, configuration, working conditions and other factors, as real results may differ from laboratory data.
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App Name: Komi Clothes
Smartphone compatibility: Android 9.0 or iOS 12.0 and later
System language: 27 languages ​​accepted (Chinese, Traditional Chino, English, German, Russian, Espanol, Portuguese, French, Japanese, Arabic, Dutch, Italian, Chico, Grigio, Hebrew, Hindi dialect, Indonesian, Koreano, Malay, Persian, Pulaco (Thailand, Vietnam, Finland, Romano, Turku, Croatia)


In APP language: 27 languages ​​accepted (English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, German, French, Arabic, Chico, Griego, Spanish, Japanese, Bersa, Italian, Coriano, Netherlands, Pulaco, Portuguese, Russian, Finnish, Swedish, Thailand, Hungaro, Eslovakia, Croatia, Albania, Turku, Ukrainian, Indian


Idiomatic Message Phrases: English, Portuguese, Russian, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Malay, Pulaco, Griego, Thais, Romano, Bulgaro, Hungaro, Turku, Chico, Islovaku, Dance, Norwego, Suiko, Filipino, Ukrainian, Vietnam, Netherlands, Croatia, Indonesia.
Clock functions: clock/hour, automatic clock, clock, hour, second hour.


Health Monitor: Heartbeat frequency (steady, per minute), life detection, high heart frequency alert, heart frequency in daily mode, abnormal heart frequency alert, medication for SpO2 level, VO2 max. Tracking point and awareness, effective position, remaining calories tracking.


Smart Nursery Functions: Smart notifications (input calls, text messages, Gmail and smartphone app notifications), climate (see the climate for the next four days), music control and smartphone camera. Encontrar Mi Phone, Encontrar Mi Reloj, No Molestar Patrol, Recordatorios Móviles.


Activity Tracking Features: Activity Log, Step Tracker, Footsteps, Motion Bar (displayed on device after a period of inactivity; with a few minutes of logging in), Auto Goal (aware of your activity level) and sets goals from diary steps), Long calories, timing, and distance in real time.
Sports mode
Outdoor running, running belt, outdoor cycling, indoor cycling, outdoor walking, freestyle swimming, table tennis, baloncesto ball, football, badminton, cricket, field running, climbing machine, zumba, machine Elliptical, Pilates, Tennis, Yoga.
Relokh Kara
App sync number: 100+
Preset system number: 5
Please click on the customizable watch: support
Screen Cover: Tempered Glass + AF
Front carcass: Marco Medio di Plastica
Back carcass: The bottom carcass is plastic
Lente de Frecuencia Cardíaca: PC material
Korea: Silicon
Disc size: 260*47.5*11.25 mm
Piezo: 43G Includes memory strap
Working temperature: -20°C to 50°C.
in the box
Reloj intelligente (Incluye correa estándar), base de carga magnética, embalaj, cartulina, instrucciones (English, Russian, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, German, French, Chinese).


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KUMI GW5 Smart Watch 1.39 Inch, NFC, Bluetooth 5.2, 100+, Sports Heart Frequency, Arterial Pressure, Oxygen Monitor, IP68 Waterproof