Men GPS Smart Watch, IP68 Waterproof Sports Pulse with Military HD Display, Heart Rate Control, 480mAh Battery, for Xiaomi


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LIGE GPS New Smart Watch Men Outdoor Sports Fitness Pulse Arterial Pressure Watch IP68 Waterproof Men Smart Watch for Android IOS

Product parameters

1.32 inch IPS screen, 360*360 HD display
Screen resolution: 360*360
Neville Impermeable: IP68
Battery capacity: 480 mAh
GPS chip: BCM47755
Bluetooth version: 5.0
Memory: Flash 128 MB
Motor: built-in, vibrating recorder
System requirements: Android 4.4+ and IOS 8.0+, compatible with Bluetooth 5.0


Integrated GPS mode

Several luxury watches, custom watch cars
Heart frequency detection/Blood oxygen detection/All-day heart frequency monitor/Pulse detection (pulse duration, pulse quality)

Timer, accelerometer, calorie consumption, distance calculation, increment and speed visibility, and multiple sports modes

Call recording, SMS recording, alarm clock, music control. Sitting recording, women’s physiological period recording, BT music control, climate


English, Russian, German, Japanese, Spanish, French, Italian, Pulaco, Portuguese, Hindi

APP/APK download method

download "information" On Android Market, Google Play, or Apple Store

Scan the QR code and download Infowear

Package includes:

Anfitrión, cargador, correa de muñeca, manual, caja

After receiving the watch, first shipping. Because after a long logistics period, the watch has a low battery. Before use, scan the QR code in the manual to download the app and connect to the watch using the app.









FQA para BW1832 Fitness Tracker>

P: Why is the value of arterial pressure determined by a manometer?

R: The deviation between the watch medication value and the dynamometer is determined by a variety of factors. The sphygmomanometer drug site is located in the radial artery, and the clock drug site is the two main arterial branches. Usually, treatment of aortic hypertension and treatment of arterial hypertension differ by three to four degrees; If you use a clock and a dynamometer to optimize the same time, why not a brain? In the artery going to the centrifuge, the pressure gauge centers the belt so that the bottom of the code is low pressure. ¿La sangre temporal no puede? Across the inferior branch of the artery, vascular tension increases, resulting in the treatment values ​​for the upper and lower arterial pressure being more repeatable.

P: Why can’t the watch receive the push message?

R: Configure Android phone 1. Make sure that the message interrupter is qualified on the client mobile phone. The confirmation message can appear normally in the mobile phone notification bar. ¿Push the message from the clock to see the notification from the mobile phone? Cation band message; If you don’t have any message on mobile phone notification? Alert bar, the watch can’t receive the message (Is this necessary? To configure mobile phone notifications, via WeChat, QQ, SMS and pulse client notifications button. Via PC client auxiliary function configuration of pulse (see phone configuration auxiliary function and find out the pulse client auxiliary function configuration)

Apple phone configuration: 1. Make sure that the message cutter is eligible on the client’s mobile phone. The confirmation message can appear normally in the mobile phone notification bar (is this necessary? And configure notifications in the phone configuration, via WeChat, QQ phone, SMS, mobile phone client notification interrupter)

P: Why doesn’t the accelerometer count steps when you start a ride?

R: To reduce errors, this smart watch sets an initial value of 10 steps. This means that you will start the calculation when it takes more than 10 steps. The application displays the actual steps and starts accounting from step 10.

P: Can the app be used to connect to a smartphone?

R: The application is designed by the provider. You can scan the QR code on the package or guide to download it when you receive the item.

P: Why the machine cannot be set or operated properly?

R: Charge the new device for at least 10 minutes or more before first use. This ensures normal device arrangement and optimal function. For devices with external batteries, make sure they are installed correctly before charging.

Q:Can’t find the device turned on?

R: Make sure the distance between the phone and the device is less than 0.5 meters

Make sure the device does not have a battery. If you experience problems after 1.5 hours of charging, please contact us.

P: Can’t connect the device to the app?

R: Some Bluetooth smartphone services may be abnormal when restarted. Update the smartphone to operate the device.

Q: Why is my Android mobile phone disconnected?

R: Android mobile phone system memory management is really obligated to deactivate the application at the second level, you must deactivate the power saving mode or move the application in the green background to scan any time inside, the application has no real obligation to scan. The APP must be running at the second level, and Bluetooth will not be disconnected automatically.

Q: Why can’t you connect to Bluetooth?

R: 1. Download the first application

2. Find the Bluetooth name in the app and the address it is connected to.

3. You can see the call request on the phone, then click "Imparigar".

If you have previously connected Bluetooth, load all Bluetooth devices on your phone.

P: Is the watch submersible?

R: BW1832 is a saliva and rinse test, as it is good during exercise. But you can’t do that.

(Tenga en cuenta: do not leave the production of a Water Heat, Water Heat and Steam Water. Avoid using and setting the device at high temperature and high humidity.)

Although the pulse can control heart rate, it cannot be used for anything medical, it is only to help people live a more beneficial life. All medication results are for reference only. It relies on scientific algorithms and sensors. So, please, do not compare to medical devices that are beyond your understanding.


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Men GPS Smart Watch, IP68 Waterproof Sports Pulse with Military HD Display, Heart Rate Control, 480mAh Battery, for Xiaomi